Get ready for the 2024 RBTA Poultry Census 1 May - 30 June

About the Census

The Rare Breeds Trust of Australia collects data submitted voluntarily by Australian poultry breeders on their breeding age pure breed poultry. The last poultry census was conducted in 2021. The 2021 results are available at

The 2024 Census is being conducted over the period 1 May – 30 June 2024. Once we go live with it you will be able to download the relevant documents for "paper" lodgement as well as link to an online submission form.

Your involvement is important

The data collected provides a snapshot of what breeds are most at risk in this country. This enables relevant individuals and poultry associations to plan actions that promote uptake of rare breeds. Actions include promoting rare breed classes at poultry shows to increase awareness and knowledge of rare breeds. This helps with increasing take up of rare breeds by both breeders and backyard poultry keepers as a risk management action. Data on numbers also support decisions of poutry state and standards bodies about the need for judging guidelines and standards development.

Rare breeds are important for maintaining diversity in the face of increasing commercialisation and hybridisation of food-producing species. They are also important for maintaining diversity in breed characteristics such as heat or cold hardiness, setters and non-setters, etc. Poultry breeds represent breed heritages and the dedication of poultry breeders in creating breeds such as Australia’s own Australorp chicken or the Elizabeth duck.  

Privacy Statement

Link to the Privacy Statement for information about how the Trust stores and uses the data.

Getting involved

From May 1 the documents and forms you will need will be available on this website. In the meantime why not start taking a note of the breeds of the breeding age birds you have (Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkey, Guinea Fowl), the colours/varities and count the number of breeding age males and females for each group. 

For more information or to register to receive Census documents email